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Welcome to the first fitness challenge for the Bakersfield Heart Hospital's Wellness Club.  We are going big in the first challenge and offering a grand prize of $300 cash to the winner, a FitBit Blaze ($199 value) to 2nd place, and the Nutribullet System ($99 value) to third.  

You will find that most of the tasks in the challenge require you to log them yourself, so we will highly rely on the honor system.  Please answer each questions with your upmost honesty each day.  

THE CHALLENGE: 6-weeks of Healthy Habits

We have broken down this challenge into 4 pillars of health: nutrition, fitness, sleep & hydration.  While these are not the only pillars, this challenge will focus on these four.  Each day you will be asked to log information about your water intake, fitness routine, hours slept and nutrition for the day.  By accomplishing each task, you will be rewarded with points for the day, with some tasks rewarding more points than others.  Please note that part of the overall challenge is to actively log what you are doing each day, so if you forget to login and record your data for the day you will not receive any points.  Journaling and keeping yourself accountable through an app like this is one of the best ways to create new healthy habits.  Be sure to look for suprise challenges that will pop up randomly over the next 6 weeks.  There will be special instructions for completing them and they will only be available for 2-3 days at most.

The first day of the challenge will be Monday, March 12th and conclude on Sunday, April 22rd. The cumulative total of points earned over that 6-week period will determine the winners.

Be sure to registered, download the app for iOS or Android and get familar with it.  Then get to earning those points!