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Anyone want to join me in doing an Ironman this February? Ok, I haven't gone crazy, this is an Ironman with a TWIST. Yes we will be covering some daunting distances, but you will have the entire 28 days to accomplish them! And rest assured, you do not have to swim if you don't want to! It's being broken down into three parts.

Challenge 1:

Walk and/or run 26.2 miles. You can do this inside or outside and you can break it up any way that you like. The goal is to do this portion on your feet and keep moving through the doldrums of February.

Challenge 2:

Bike/spin or elliptical 112 miles. You may not be doing much of this outside, but here's where that spin bike and elliptical can be put to good use.

Challenge 3:

Swim 2.4 miles OR create a custom challenge to push and inspire yourself. I've given this part some thought because swimming in February isn't that appealing. Here's where you can get creative. Pick something that is meaningful or challenging to you and award yourself .1 every time you accomplish your personal goal. Do this 24 times and you will get to 2.4. It can be a food related goal (giving up dairy, alcohol, staying within a certain calorie goal, trying a new food). It can be spiritual (say your prayers, go to church, meditate, be a good deed doer). It can be physical (get to the gym, take a yoga or barre class, walk the dog for 20 minutes, Do 100 abdominal exercises). It can be emotional (call your mom, check in with a long lost friend, write in your journal, read a self-help book). No judgement zone, just pick something (or a bunch of things) that will push you and help to make February a month of growth and self discovery.