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Welcome to AU's Step it Up 2018 Challenge!

This challenge is for both beginners and runners of all activities and skill levels.  If you are already active, we encourage you to increase the intensity of yoru activities, the duration, or the frequency.  If you're not active yet, take advantage of the gradual increase and begin an exercise routine for your new year's resolution.

Step it Up 2018 will run for six (6) months.  This step initiative gets underway on February 1 and runs through July 31st.  Active participatns will register themselves and theirtheir step tracker with ChallengeRunner.  Results will be available real-time to all participants.

  • Goal # 1 -    350,000 steps = $50.00 
  • Goal # 2 - 1,000,000 steps = $50.00

Needs a little push (incentive):  Every month, individuals meeting the monthly goal will be entered into a drawaing for a prize that meets the following benchmarks.

  • Feb 1-28     154,000 steps (5,500/day)
  • Mar 1-31     201,500 steps (6,500/day)
  • Apr 1-30     210,000 steps (7,000/day)
  • May 1-31    248,000 steps (8,000/day)
  • Jun 1-30     270,000 steps (9,000/day)
  • July 1-31    310,000 steps (10,000/day)

If you have questions about this challenge, contact a Wellness Committee Member:  Justin Peterson, Tom Tylutki, Dave Thompson, Logan Kortan, Randy Judd, Kim Duncomb, Dana Steichen, Mike Johnson, Rob Gleason