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The Move Through Life New Year Dance Challenge will help you to create a regular dance habit so that you are able to support your dance classes with home-based exercises.

Dancing once a week is unlikely to have a bit impact on your fitness, weight, strength, flexibility, technique, or whatever you're aiming to achieve through dance.

But we know it can be difficult to get to class more often, so we want to help you do something at home so that when you come to class you get the most out of it.

The biggest challenge in making changes to your life is getting started, and then keeping it up.  So by offering a 30 day challenge to do regular dance-related exercises outside of class in January, we hope you'll be able to develop a habit that you can continue well past the end of the challenge.

What is the challenge?

The challenge is to set a goal about how long (how many minutes) and how often (how many times each week) you will do dance-related exercise each week in January.

We recommend you aim for at least 140 minutes each week (which could be 20 minutes every day, or fewer days with a longer workout on each of those days).

* If you are going to be away and unable to do any exercise for a week or so, you can build this into your goal so that your goal is achievable. 

What is dance-related exercise?

It could be as simple as putting music on and dancing to it each day.  In our Spring Challenge, one person put together a song list to give her a set of songs to move to every day.

But if you prefer to have some direction, you will be able to access videos and written guidelines on three different types of dance-related exercise. You can choose one, mix them up, or make up your own movement plan. 

  • Dance conditioning exercises to improve strength and flexibility. You can choose from 6 different groups of exercises, with each group focusing on something different, such as leg flexibility, upper body strength and flexibility, leg and foot strength, balance, hip mobility, and core strength.


  • Dance routines - choose from several simple dance routines that you can follow along with each day


  • Ballet exercises - do a ballet barre and some centre exercises that don't require much space


When is the challenge?

The challenge will start on 2 January and run until 31 January

Registrations open on 1 December and close on 28 December

You can choose any time of day to do you dance exercises, and you can do it anywhere. 

How will it work?

We'll setup a webpage where you can access the videos and support materials. 

We'll also use our existing Move Through Life Members' Facebook Group as a place to share inspiration, results, challenges, and more.

We'll also send weekly emails to check in and see how you are going, to help keep you motivated and overcome any obstacles.

Each day, you'll check in to let us know how many minutes of exercise you've done.  You'll get points for checking in, and will be able to see how you are going compared to others involved in the challenge using the Challenge Leaderboard. 

How much does it cost?

The challenge cost is $15.

However, if you are already a membership of Move Through Life (on a Virtual, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum plan), you get a 50% discount, bringing the cost down to $7.50.

All members will be sent an email with a promo code to enter into MindBody when signing up for the challenge.  The code will also be posted in the Members' Facebook group.  If you are unable to find the promo code, email Anne at "mailto:info@mtl-dancestudio.com.au" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" >info@mtl-dancestudio.com.au