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The average person takes 6000 steps a day, but it is proven that if we can increase this to 10,000 a day then our health improves and we are at less risk of heart disease and ill health.

The Zen Step Challenge is about introducing physical activity into your very busy and often hectic workday, without having to set aside ‘special’ time for exercise. You simply make yourself aware of opportunities available to you during your normal day. For example:

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator

  • Carry the shopping in one bag at a time

  • Take a 5-minute walk at lunchtime

  • Step out for 10 minutes with a friend or workmate

Download the apps, and show us how healthy you can be!!

We will be keeping a scoreboard to show our levels of actvity each month and the indiviudal and teams who perform the best each month will be rewarded with a Health & Wellbeing award.