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Our first BE WELL  Flash Challenge – Random Acts of Kindness – starts Monday, April 10 and ends on Monday, April 17.  You will earn Points for participating!

What is a Flash Challenge?

A Flash Challenge is pop-up challenge that provides a quick, fun healthy activity that must be done in a short period of time. 

Who is eligible to participate in the Flash Challenge?

Certainly anyone can participate in one of our Flash Challenges.  

What do I have to do to participate in the Random Acts of Kindness Flash Challenge?

Exercise your kindness muscle by performing a random act of kindness for a co-worker, family member, friend or even a stranger. 

Choose your own act of kindness, but here is some inspiration to get you started:

  • Pay it “backward” by buying coffee for the person behind you in line.
  • Let someone go in front of you in the check-out line.  
  • Write a LinkedIn recommendation for a coworker.
  • Tell the store manager about good customer service you received from their employee.
  • Leave unused coupons next to corresponding products in the grocery store.
  • Send a gratitude email to a coworker.
  • Give harried parents a little adult time by babysitting for free.
  • Send a “Thank You” note to the officers at your local police or fire station.
  • Compliment a parent on how well-behaved their child is.
  • Write to a former teacher who made a difference in your life.
  • Put a surprise note in with your spouse’s or kid’s lunch.
  • Call your Mom and Dad just to say “hi” and see what’s new with them.  
  • Take someone’s shift as the carpool parent.

 You’ve got the idea . . . be creative, be nice, be sincere.


What’s in it for me if I complete this challenge?

Kindness is its own reward :)   But, certainly both the recipient and the giver of a kindness reap a multitude of benefits – even health benefits.  Research shows there is a link between mind and body health.  When you are kind to others you experience positive feelings.  These positive feelings can help combat negativity and stress.  And, we all know that chronic stress can wreak havoc on our health, including compromising our immune system, our mental health, and even our heart health.  It’s funny how having a kind heart can help you have a healthy heart <3

So, go out of your way to be kind to others.  Although it’s not required to complete this Flash Challenge, try taking this Flash Challenge to the next level by doing a good deed in secret and enjoy the “helpers high” you’ll receive.

Since we want to make Random Acts of Kindness top of mind and start a conversation about the link between mind and body health – we’re going to sweeten the pot by giving you giving you a raffle entry for each Random Act you track.  The winner will receive a $25.00 Gift Card

Flash Challenges will be woven into our 2017 Be Well Program.  They  come and go quickly, so lookout for flash challenge announcements with more details – they can pop up at any time.  


Your Be Well Champion 

BJ Ostrum