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Picture Perfect Spring Challenge


REGISTRATION PERIOD:  March 15th – March 28th   

START DATE:  March 29th  

LENGTH: 4 weeks

PRIZE:  Various prizes will be drawn during the competition duration.


Join us as we challenge LCR3 employees to take the Picture Perfect Challenge! Stay active by competing to get moving and staying active.  See how you stack up against your friends and colleagues across the district. There is no better time than now to start being healthy!


In this competition, employees will use fitness tracking devices to monitor their daily active minutes.  They will also utilize the camera on their smart phones to post a photo of themselves to the Challenge Runner site at least 4 times per week. 


Competition begins March 29, 2017, so make sure you register your Challenge Runner account and join the challenge before the start date.


Note: You must create your tracking device account first. Before you connect your device to your Challenge Runner account, make sure to have your username and password to your fitness tracker account. You will need this information to grant Challenge Runner access to connect your device.


If you used Challenge Runner on a previous challenge, some devices/apps may require that you revoke access on the device and re-authorized through the Picture Perfect challenge.


Instructions to Register and Login (new registrants):

  1. Set up your fitness tracking device account (with the company that manufactured the device). Have the device account login information ready. See Challenge Runner’s website for a complete list of compatible tracking devices and apps.
  2. Create a Challenge Runner account at https://www.ChallengeRunner.com/login/challenge/2564/17973/b3d2ed47bc
  3. Follow the instructions to connect your device.Challenge Runner App
  4. Download the Challenge Runner app from your smart phone app store. This will allow you to upload your photos directly to the Picture Perfect challenge.


If you participated in the walking challenge this fall, Keeping Pace with Penny, you will automatically be registered for the Spring Streaks Challenge.  Please be sure your device is authorized for tracking. 


Tracking Active Minutes

Active minutes will also be tracked for this competition.  For each active minute, you will earn one point.  Your tracking device should automatically sync this data for you.  Please use only active minutes tracked in a device/app.


Employees are responsible for providing their own fitness tracking device to participate in this competition.  Visit Challenge Runner’s website to see the complete list of trackers/apps that are compatible with this program.



Activity Photos

Photos will only be seen on your log in page and on the page of the account administrator (Wellness Department).  These will not be shared without your permission.


Please be sure all photos are appropriate for the work environment.  They should include the employee and show the physical activity that you are performing that day. Your activity should be something outside of the physical activity it takes to complete your normal daily routines .


Other Important Notes

  • Only LCR3 employees may participate in this challenge.
  • You can only have one tracking device connected to a Challenge Run