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No Sugar Added Challenge

March 1 – March 31

(Individual competition)

Sugar has many negative effects on the body and mind: Decreased concentration, weight gain, and lethargy are among some of the most common. For the month of March, shy away from foods with added sugar and artificial sweeteners. The more you avoid added sugars, the more points you earn!

Earn 1 point each time you:

  • Consume something without added sugar (ex: drink, snack, side dish, condiment, entrée)
  • Make a positive “swap” to lower your usual sugar intake (ex: if you always get sugar and flavored syrup in your coffee, but skip the flavored syrup one day)

Earn unlimited points per day



Point Level

Prizes Awarded
  • Active participants (30+ points)
  • 7 Wellness Credits*
  • Top 3 participants
  • 7 Wellness Credits*
  • NovoFit bag
  • Top 10 participants
  • 7 Wellness Credits*
  • NovoFit bag
  • “Sugar Detox for Beginners” (Book or Kindle)
  • Sugar Busters Shoppers Guide” (Book or Kindle)

* Wellness Credits earned will be recorded by the Wellness Team (they will not be visible in the Wellness Portal).