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Invited members of the MUSC community will form teams of 6-12 people and designate a captain. The team captain will register the team, send invites to their teammates to log in, and encourage participation through goal-setting and overall cheerleading.  

Steps will be entered through one of the methods below into challengerunner.com.  The program averages the total steps per month for the entire team (walked/run) divided by the number of teammates, to help make the teams more equitable.  A ceiling of 20,000 steps per person per day will be set to help eliminate outliers from over-weighting the results. All steps count (either walked or run).

The team with the most steps as of Feb 28 wins! Participants can log their steps using 

  • Web-based fitness trackers that integrate with Challenge Runner (once authorized such as Fit Bit)
  • Applications: challenge runner, Moves, other Smart Phone options
  • Text manual calculation to Challenge Runner (first register the cell phone number being used so that Challenge Runner recognizes the text)
  • Log on to the website and enter the steps manually
  • Download the Challenge Runner app and enter steps manually