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NY to CA Step Challenge Description

Grab a partner and participate in the most exciting Step Challenge of 2017!  We will begin our race at Grand Central Station in NYC.  The Finish Line is on Disneyland Drive in Anaheim California.  Along the way, complete Jumping Jacks, Squats, Pushups and Planks!

Friendly Trash Talking is encouraged :)

Challenge Rules

  1. Every participant must log their activities
  2. Each activity is a combined team effort!  For example, 17,500 Jumping Jacks is the total for the Team, and not each person.   
  3. You can't cross the Finish Line until you complete all the activities
  4. Each person must promise to donate $25.00 to Charity by participating in this challenge.  
  5. When you complete a milestone, you must take a screen shot showing completion and email it to rockhoosier9@gmail.com. This is due to the program not time stamping entries.  
    • The first team to email a screen shot of all of their completed milestones WINS.
  6. There will be Prizes!
    • First Team to obtain all Activity Points selects which Charity the donations from the other Teams will go towards.  They will also receive a Prize (TBD)
    • Second Team to obtain all Activity Points will receive Prize 2 (TBD)
    • All Teams to finish the Challenge by December 31, 2017 will receive a Surprise (you'll see!)

Activity Points

Weekly Steps:  2,000 steps equals 1 mile.  The total distance for the race is 2,761 miles, or 5,522,000 total steps.  Every time you enter your weekly steps, your team earns 1 activity point for every 2,000 steps.

Jumping Jacks:  Each team must complete a total of 17,500 Jumping Jacks before crossing the finish line.  

Squats:  Each team must complete a total of 5,000 Squats before crossing the finish line.

Pushups:  Each team must complete a total of 5,000 Pushups before crossing the finish line.

Planking:  Each team must complete a total of 400 minutes of Planking before crossing the finish line.

The total amount of Activity Points required to win is 30,661