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Walk to Waco! is a 365 day walking challenge consisting of 3.25 miles each day, accomplishing the roughly 1,200 miles it takes to walk from Jamestown, ND to Waco, TX. Along the route are 32 different stops at various towns and cities, because any road trip must consist of snack and bathroom breaks! We will break the challenge down to these stops, working on accomplishing one small goal at a time in order to reach our over all goal. So to explain a little more clearly, there are 32 small challenges (Walk to Edgeley, Walk to Ellendale, Walk to South Dakota Border, ect...) that all build up to our arrival in Waco, TX. Everyone is allowed 28 skip days or 90 miles forgiveness. I will be keeping track of that as your fitness devices sync your daily activity. I will regularly provide you with status updates along the way. At the end of our journey, whoever has completed will get to be a part of our REAL planning of a trip in the winter/spring of 2018 to go to Magnolia Market, hopefully stay at The Magnolia Home, and maybe possibly meet Chip & Joanna! Thanks for embarking on this journey with me. I wish us all the VERY best!