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Topeination Weight Loss Challenge


Participants state their desired weight goals for 2017 on a 1/4ly basis.  Apr 1, July 1, Oct 1, & Dec 31.

Participants record their weight on a weekly basis.  1/4ly on Apr 1, July 1, Oct 1, and Dec 31 participants provide to all other participants verification of their weight (acceptable means to be determined later).

Participants contribute $1,000 to Topeination Weight Loss Challenge Fund.  Participants receive back their contribution proportionally if they acheive their desired weight loss goal at the 1/4ly check points.  For example, if Participant A meets or exceeds their Apr 1 goal, they receive back $250 from the fund.  If Participant A does not meet their Apr 1 goal, but meets their July 1 goal they receive back $500 from the fund and etc, etc.

Participant contributions that are not received back due to failure to acheive the goals, stay in the fund to be dispersed at the end of the year in a way decided upon by majority vote from the participant(s) who achieved their Dec 31 goal(s).  All participants can propose ideas on how to disperse the funds, but the idea is that the funds will be used in a way that support the failing participant(s) in a way that motivates them to continue to pursue their goals.  For example, exercise equipment, educational materials, etc.  Another idea is to use the funds to pay for a get together for all participants and account for this as motivation to any unsuccessful participants.