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The 30 Day Healthy Hornet Challenge is designed to encourage healthier living through the 7 dimensions of wellness. This program is designed with incentives to develop a commitment to healthy choices. This opportunity is FREE for ALL students, faculty and staff. ESU Faculty/staff will also have free access to the student recreation center while participating in the event. 

Earn Points

Each week points will be awarded for participating in healthy habits. You are logging your own points--to get the greatest benefit from this Wellness Challenge, it is important that you be honest in reporting how many healthy habits you engage in

Scores must be submitted by NOON on the Tuesday after the completed week to be counted! Each participant is responsible for submitting their scorecards. If you are the team captain make sure team members have submitted their scores.

You will receive a weekly e-mail giving you information about bonus challenges, upcoming events, tips, leaderboard updates, reminders to log your points and more!