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Participate in any or all of the upcoming bi-weekly fitness activity challenges offered through the NMU Rec Sports Department for a chance at prizes. Use your smartphone apps, fit bits or pedometers to track your participation and then participate in any of the activity challenges listed on our website: "http://www.nmu.edu/recreation" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" >www.nmu.edu/recreation (click on fitness programs).

The rules:

  • Be honest, all information entered is through self-reporting. You are only lying to yourself and cheating yourself out of the many health/wellness benefits associated with active participation
  • You must have a valid NMU Rec Membership (at least 3 months in length)
  • Participants must review and agree to the participation waiver (listed on the NMU rec sports fitness program webpage)

Reporting and tracking participation:

  • Individuals must register as a participant on challengerunner.com
  • Registration for each bi-weekly program ends the at the beginning of the second day of the program
  • Individuals must input their daily totals in miles (not meters/yards), minutes (not number of hours), steps (total daily steps from activity tracker/fitbit/pedometer) depending on the type of challenge
  • Daily totals should be entered at the end of each day if possible. If not possible, participants have up to two days to enter their daily information. Do not wait until the end of the challenge to input your daily information
  • Leader boards for each challenge will only show participant ID numbers and not names
  • Enter your daily total in the small box provided and print enter for your entry to register


  • Prizes will be awarded to the highest mileage, time or step earners (depending on the challenge) by gender or membership type
  • There will not be more than two winners per challenge
  • Winners will be notified via email no more than one week after the challenge program has ended

Please contact NMU Rec Sports Campus Rec & Fitness Manager with any other questions you may have (906)227-2421