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Welcome to the AAHOA Weight Loss Challenge! 

I hope we all are looking fly af within a few short weeks. 


  • To encourage everyone to lose weight at a healthy rate, this challenge will last until December 15, 2016. Regular weigh-ins will help keep us on track, but this is enough time to lose a substantial amount of weight, if that's your goal. 
  • Weigh-ins are every Friday morning at 10. If you're traveling or otherwise out of the office, it's your responsibility to weigh yourself and submit your weight no earlier than Thursday at 9 PM and no later than Friday at 9 PM. 


  • NO: starving yourself, crazy fad diets, or any dangerous (e.g., purging) behavior. This is about getting healthy, not getting skinny. 
  • Participants agree to do their very best to exercise for at least 20 minutes three times a week. 
  • Participants agree to give the challenge a sincere shot by participating for at least four weeks. 
  • Obviously I can't enforce any of this.