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Challenge yourself to take the stairs whenever possible for 1 week!  (One flight of stairs is approximately 12 steps).  Suggestions - take the stairs instead of the escalator at BART, get off on a lower flight and take the stairs the rest of the way, etc.

Benefits of stair climbing (from Livestrong.com):

Stair Climbing Health Benefits

Aerobic workouts that feature stair climbing offer a variety of benefits to your overall health. The vigorous and continuous movement of your legs and hips results in deeper breathing and increases your heartbeat, which enhances blood flow to all areas of your body. Your body releases natural pain relievers, or endorphins, during a stair climb, so you’ll feel better and have less tension. Doctors also recommend stair climbing as an ideal way to improve your energy, increase the function of your immune system and lower your risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and heart disease.