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Challenge Collaboration Apps

Employee fitness challenges are by nature collaborative experiences and ChallengeRunner was designed with many collaboration features built-in such as messaging and chat. However, dedicated collaboration apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Webex can simplify challenge management, provide additional feedback, and enhance participation. In addition, embedding ChallengeRunner within Slack, Teams, or Webex provides the additional benefits of single sign on, automated leaderboard and event notifications, simplified registration, and cross-platform integration with either Webex, Teams, or Slack desktop, website or mobile apps.


Slack is the collaboration app by which all others are compared for a good reason. The interface is excellent and allows for total integration with ChallengeRunner. Click here for more information on Slack integration.


Microsoft Teams has more active users than any other collaboration app. Not only does Teams allow deep integration with ChallengeRunner, it also carefully tests the integration for quality. Click here for more information on Teams integration.


Cisco Webex is a pioneer in the online communication and collaboration. With Webex, you can interact with your challenge directly from inside the app. Click here for more information on Webex integration.

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