Admin How-To Guide

How to completely remove a user account and all associated data from ChallengeRunner

A guiding principle of ChallengeRunner is that ownership of the users' accounts and associated data ultimately resides with the users themselves. While challenge admins can remove a user and their data from a group or a particular challenge, the only person that can completely remove a user's account is the user.

Step #1: Deleting the user from ChallengeRunner

  1. The user who owns the ChallengeRunner account must log into the website
  2. Select the Profile option from under the user's name in the upper right corner
  3. Click the Delete Account button on the Personal tab
  4. On the Confirmation popup, click Yes

Step #2: Confirming the deletion using email

  1. Log into the email account with the same email address used to create your ChallengeRunner account.
  2. Open the email titled ChallengeRunner Delete Account
  3. Copy the code found in the email and click the ChallengeRunner Delete link
  4. Enter your ChallengeRunner email / ID and password and then paste in the code found in step 3
  5. Click the Delete Account button
  • Deleting an account is irreversable. If a user chooses to delete their account the account and associated data cannot be recovered.
  • Because a user account can be linked to many different organizations, admins cannot delete user accounts. An admin can remove a user from their group but the account will still exist and any attempt to use the same email address for a new account will fail.
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