Admin How-To Guide

Registering A New Organization

new organization registration

Registering your organization is a quick and simple process.

In order to use the ChallengeRunner platform to create and manage fitness challenges, you must first create an admin account. Click the New Organization button on the ChallengeRunner home page and then select the type of account you want to create: Community or Commercial.

Community accounts are available for anyone who wants to run a free fitness challenge using ChallengeRunner. The Community Edition is ad-supported meaning that participants will see ads when they enter data or view leaderboards. In addition, the Community Edition does not support automatic data entry via texting, fitness tracker syncing, multiple admins, or page styling. Other than those features it is very similar to the Commercial Edition.

Once you select either to create your Community Edition account or start your Commercial Edition free trial, you will be asked to register your organization. You are required to fill in information about your organization and create an admin account.


  • We do not accept credit card information on the ChallengeRunner website. If you are using the Commercial Edition, you will receive an invoice once your actual challenge starts.
  • The free trial last for two weeks. Once the free-trial ends, your account will be converted to the Community Edition unless you upgrade to the Commercial Edition.
  • The About your organization section provides details about the business or group to such as name, country and phone number.
  • The person specified in the About you section will become the default group administrator. You may add additional administrators later.
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