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Challenge Reporting

challenge reports


By default, the challenge leaderboard displays on the admin page with the current standings for the top teams or participants with actual names. This is the case regardless of whether you chose to run an individual challenge or if you selected to use anonymous names. If you click on the challenge leaderboard or the More (ellipsis) button in the Leaderboard panel, the Reporting dialog will appear. From here, you have the following additional options:

  • Show all participants or teams (if more than 20 exist)
  • Show Individual participants (if teams are being used)
  • Select a date range: allows the admin to select from and to dates for the leaderboard which can be used to show daily or weekly winners.
  • Run a participation report to display how often members are participating in the challenge.
  • Display the leaderboard data as a sortable grid with actual numbers for each activity.
  • Download the leaderboard or grid into a spreadsheet compatible CSV file.

For challenges with multiple activities, leaderboards are available for each to display activity leaders. Click the Activity Leaderboard button to view the leaderboard dialog. The Activity Leaderboard has the same options available as the Challenge Leaderboard (shown above). If you would like to make the Activity Leaderboard available to your challenge participants, click the Edit Activity button and then select option: Display leaderboard for this activity to participants.

Activity Data

Each activity will have an associated Activity Data button. When clicked, a dialog is displayed with all data points for each participant with dates and values. This report is very useful for verifying user data and can also be used to generate custom leaderboards when downloaded into a spreadsheet.

Users also have the ability to view participant data as a scatter chart which more clearly illustrates outlier data (data points that fall outside of two standard deviations). This is useful when determining data entry problems i.e. typing errors where entered value is too large or too small. To display the scatter chart, click the View Chart button.

The activity data dialog also has a unique feature that will allow admins to bulk upload participant data. This feature is useful for uploading large volumes of past or current participant data. If you choose to bulk upload data using a csv file, gather the participant email addresses including data point dates and values in a spreadsheet (a template file is provided) and click the Upload button. The file will be verified and, if everything checks out, the participant’s data will be included in your challenge when you click Finish.

  • Be VERY careful when bulk uploading data. Any data that already existed for that date will be overwritten. In addition, this process does not check restrictions such as upper and lower bound to validate that the data fits your challenge constraints. You must validate your data before loading it into the ChallengeRunner system.


If your challenge is using milestones and awards, an Awards Report button is available on the Leaderboard panel. Once clicked, the Awards dialog appears detailing users who qualify for awards and the award they selected. See Setting Milestones and Awards above for more details.

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