Fitness Challenge Starting Templates

Community-sourced templates inspire fitness challenge ideas and give admins a quick-start using ChallengeRunner

The following challenge templates were provided by our ever-growing community. Feel free to review them for new challenge ideas. As a bonus, each of these challenges are available in ChallengeRunner to quick-start your setup process. Simply select the Copy and edit a pre-existing challenge from our database option when creating your new challenge.

% of Weight Loss Challenge - Round 2 - Fit Girls of Ansay
1 mile run under 12 minutes - ACA Compliance Group
1 Rep Max - TF MED Role III
1-Mile Run - YMCA of Brandon
10 000 Steps Challenge - Leonardo Worldwide Inc.
10,000 Steps Challenge - Badger Meter
10,000 Steps or Nothing with Trackers - Demo
100 Mile Challenge - KNG Marketing Partners
10k a Day for May - Sea-Mountain Friends and Family
12 Week Weight Loss Challenge By: From Obese To Beast Fitness - from obese to beast
200K - GENW Fitness Center
2015 Fall Fitness Challenge - Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett and Dunner
2016 Colony Fitness Challenge - The Colony Group
2016 DPD Ironman Challenge - DPD Ironman Challenge
2016 Healthy Challenge - Grand Blanc High School
2016 Holiday Healthy Challenge - Beat the Holiday Weight Gain Challenge
2016 October Activity Challenge - Delta Private Jets
2016 Spring Team Walking Challenge - Delta Private Jets
2016 Weight Loss Challenge - CU People Inc.
2016 Wellbeing Challenge - Henderson Global Investors
28 Day Plank Challenge - YMCA Group Fitness
2nd Annual Battle of the Holiday Bulge - Anytime Fitness Waukee
30-Day Squat Challenge - ChallengeRunner LLC
30/30 - Rico's Challenge
5 A Day: Fruit & Veggie Challenge - EBMS - JPT Admin
5% weight loss - Polar Rush
50 & 100 Mile Club - Recruiting Sub-Station Orlando
50k - Montemor a Correr
58 Fitness 6 week Food challenge - 58 Fitness LLC
6 Week Wellness Challenge - NAFI CT RI
6 Weeks til Summer - Andrews Family
8 week Health Challenge - TNT Healthy Living Accountability Group
8 Weeks to Wow--Step Challenge Spring 2016 - SPS Corporation
AAHOA Weight Loss Challenge - AAHOA
Activate Your Sleep Challenge - Activate Healthcare
Activity Challenge with Fitness Trackers - ChallengeRunner LLC
Advanced Walking & Weight Loss Challenge - ChallengeRunner LLC
Advisory Health & Wellness Challenge - Deloitte Advisory
Advisory Steps Challenge - Deloitte Advisory
Alegeus Pinktober Step Competition - Alegeus
Alpha Challenge - Cake by the Pound
Aqua Challenge - Just Move Fitness
Array Health 10k Step Challenge - Array Health
Avention Fall Challenge - Avention OneSource Solutions
Basic Activity Challenge - ChallengeRunner LLC
Basic Walking Challenge - ChallengeRunner LLC
Basic Weight Loss Challenge - ChallengeRunner LLC
Battle Royale December Step Challenge - 2016 Fitness Battle Royale
BBT Health & Wellness Challenge - CLIP
BbWorld 2016 Step Challenge! - Self
BIGGEST LOSER! Challenge - City of Lake Elsinore
BPEG fitness challenge - Brookfield
BSI 2016 Spring Walking Challenge - BSI Group
Burn the Bird - Altacare Flathead Region
Cahoots Holiday Health Challenge_Test Run - Cahoots Fitness
Calder Step Challenge - Calder Casino
Calvary Unity for the CommUNITY Fitness Challenge - Calvary Unity for the CommUNITY Fitness Challenge
CFBT Febuary 2016 - 2000 Cal Assault Bike - Crossfit Boomtown
CGHS Wellvember Team Challenge 2015 - Central Gippsland Health Service
Choose to Lose - Tresta Inc
Collective Phitness Challenge - The Greek Collective
Complete a 5K under 40 minutes - ACA Compliance Group
ConSense QM Run - ConSense GmbH
Countdown to Summer Slimdown - Countdown to Summer Slimdown
CPP Steps Up - CPP
Crestwood 6 Week Challenge - 58 Fitness LLC
CrunchEnergyChallenge - Pure Standard
CSW test challenge - The Cambridge School of Weston
Cutting Back on Sugar - Alive Fit and Free
Data-Core Walktober - Data-Core Systems Inc
Deloitte Fitness Challenge - XYZ INC
Der Speck muss weg - ConSense Test Account
Distance Challenge with Fitness Trackers - ChallengeRunner LLC
Early Morning Challenge - Woodland Elementary
Earth Day Team challenge - City of Midland
EC Wellness Month 2015 - EC English Language Centres
Effecture Summer Fitness Challenge - Effecture LLC
Explore More - We Can Become
Express Scripts HR Step Challenge - Express Scripts
EYP Step Challenge 2016 - EYP Inc.
Faculty/Staff Fall 2016 - Marshall Campus Recreation
Fall Back into Fitness 28-Day Challenge - BeCUZitWorks Fitness
Fall Walking Challenge - Urban Innovations
FCH Step It Up Weekly Challenge - Fillmore County Hospital
Fitness challenge - Brookfield
Fitness Challenge 2016 - U17 OYSL
Fitness Insider 2016 Restart - Fitness Insider
Fitrepreneur Autumn 2016 Challenge - Fitrepreneur
Fitrepreneur Autumn 2016 Jumpstart - Fitrepreneur
Forum Step Bet - Forum Fitness
FSS Summer Fitness Challenge - 439 Force Support Squadron
Get Fit Challenge Hickman County - Hickman County Extension FCS Program
Get Fit For Fall - Farmers Mutual Insurance Company
Goose Grinder - Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service
Great American Smokeout Participation - TF MED Role III
GTH Fit Club - Gardner Tanenbaum Holdings
Healthy Hornet Challenge - Emporia State University
Healthy Lifestyle Clinic - Le Bonheur Healthy Lifestyle Clinic
Heart & Sole - A Golden Shoe Wellbeing Challenge - MH - Pillsbury Challenge
Holiday season challenge - Brookfield
Hoofin' It Through the Holidays - Aegis Health Group
How long can you skip for? - YMCA of Brandon
HR 2016 Step Challenge - Alegeus
HR Movin' and Steppin' Challenge - Milliman Inc.
Hub City Parks Challenge - City of Hagerstown Parks and Recreation
Huron a fitness challenge - Huron Capital
HWL Walking Challenge - Bibby Offshore
Hyperfit Spring Wellness Challenge 2016 - Crossfit Salinas
IBM Bedford Summer Fitness - IBM Canada Bedford Centre NS
IDWeek Step Challenge - Infectious Diseases Society of America
ISA 10 Week Fitness Challenge - ISA
ISF Pedometer Challenge 2016 - ISF Academy
J-Term challenge - Rotc Lutes
January Steps Challenge - Loft9 Consulting
JTECH Summer Health Challenge - JTECH Medical Industries
June Fitness Jumpstart Challenge - Our Place Learning Center
Just Move It 2016 - University of Alabama in Huntsville
JVM Steps to Wellness - JVM Realty
Kay Walktober - Kay CHD
Keeping Pace with Penny - Lincoln County R-III School District
Keystone Steps Challenge - Keystone
LCCS Wellness Challenge 2016 - Lumpkin County High School
Learn at Work Week - Liberty Utilities
Lee Elementary VS. Eastmont High School Faculty Challenge - Cycle Central LLC
Let's move Challenge - Operational Management Volkswagen de Mexico
Lillylife Challenge MWA - Lilly
Lose Inches for your Health! - Keystone
M&M Bank 10K a Day Step Challenge - Merchants and Marine Bank
Maintain, Don't Gain Challenge - EBMS - JPT Admin
March Walk - CEI Grit 2B Fit
Masimo's Walk Around the World - Masimo
May 2016 1K (Katie) challenge - Mighty Macs
MEF Walktober 2016 - MEF Associates
Mental Wellness Challenge - Department of Behavioral Health
Michigan vs Michigan State - City of Midland
Mobilitie Weight loss competition - Mobilitie
MOLO 2016 - Redwood City - Baby Boot Camp
Monthly Mile Club - Team Mom Life
Most steps in 30 days - AIM Watershed
New (School) Year Challenge - ChallengeRunner LLC
New Year's Walking Challenge - G and K Management Co. Inc.
New You - Stratford Specialty Care
NMU Fall 2016 Activity Programs - Northern Michigan University
NSAI Summer Wellness - NSAI
NWT Walking Challenge - New World Travel Inc
Olympic Gold Medal Challenge - City of Midland
P3 Challenge 1: Build Strength & Toughness - TF MED Role III
Palmetto 57 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge - Palmetto 57
People Team Biggest Mover - WeddingWire
Pi Day Challenge - City of Midland
Plank Challenge - YMCA of Brandon
Portland Steps 2016 - Town of Portland
POS Challenge - 453SQN WLM FLT
Pure Chiropractic Wellness Olympics 2016 - Pure Chiropractic
Purolator 2016 Step Challenge - Purolator International
Push-up Challenge - YMCA of Brandon
Quality vs. Safety - TeamQMD
Revolution Auto Group Get Fit - revolution autogroup
Rowing League - GymBuzz Limited
Royal's Memorial Day Health Competition - Royal Truck and Equipment
Run Across the Province of Manitoba - YMCA of Brandon
Run The Firm - SML
SageView Wellness Challenge - SageView Advisory Group
Sexyback - Messer Construction Company
Sister City Challenge - City of Midland
Six Month Average - 2 - City of Midland
Spring 2016 Buddy Challenge - Forever Fit San Diego
Spring Fling - Petoskey High School Fitness group
Spring Forward Weekend Challenge - City of Midland
SPRING into Action Loser Challenge - City of Lake Elsinore
Spring Into Fitness - SPRING INTO FITNESS
Spring into Wellness - Fillmore County Hospital
Spurwink Walking Challenge - Spurwink Services
SQ JAX Fitness and Wellness Challenge - SelectQuote Insurance Services
SQSD Wellness Challenge - SelectQuote
Stair Climber -
Step into Fall Challenge - Accenture NYL Team
Step It Up - City of Midland
Step It Up Challenge 2016 - Progressive Leasing
Step Up November 2016 - Bethel University CPS
Step Up to the Plate! Challenge - MH - Western Governors University
Step-by-Step - Silversea Cruises Ltd
Steps Challenge - Spotsylvania Lose Big Team
Summer Steps Challenge - Strickler Hall
Summer to Fall Step It Up HIS - Health Information Services
Summer Walking Challenge - Exact software
Survive & Thrive 2015 Holiday Challenge - City of Maricopa
Swim Down the Assiniboine River - YMCA of Brandon
TCB Biggest Loser - Loan Ops - TCB
Team Step Challenge - AIM Watershed
Team Step Challenge - Stella Wu
Test Week - Brilliance Publishing
The Early Morning August Challenge - Cherry Bekaert
Trussway 2016 Wellness Challange - Trussway
Turkey Terminator - Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service
United Weight Loss for United Way - Marcus Corporation
UoA Business School H&W Week Step up Challenge - University of Auckland Business Scohol
UoA Health & Welness Week - University of Auckland
Walk 500 Miles - Messer Construction Company
Walk for Wellness Challenge - CAN Capital
Walk the Shore - Brilliance Publishing
Walk-Bike Kettering - City of Kettering
Walking Campaign 2016 - Wright Runstad and Company
Walking Challenge - Biddeford Savings Bank
Walking Challenge with Fitness Trackers - ChallengeRunner LLC
Walking on Sunshine 2016 - Kenneth Cooper Middle School
Wall Sit Challenge - YMCA of Brandon
Water Challenge - Ansay and Associates LLC
Water Challenge - Megaport
Water Intake Challange - University of Michigan
Water You Drinking Challenge - Grandeur Housing Ltd.
Weight Loss Challenge - SF Gladiators
Weight loss challenge 2016 - CVS 9110
Wellness Challenge - Zaius Inc
Wellness Week Challenge - Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Whole30 Challange - BoxGrl81
Witness the Fitness - Student Nutrition Association
Wood Park's 2nd Annual Turkey Challenge - Smithtown Youth Bureau Safe Routes to School
Workout at Work! - NHS
World Peace - MandeepsWorld
Xbox WAH Move It Challenge - Xbox WAH - Sutherland Cloudsource