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Inviting Participants To The Challenge

create fitness challenge activity

Quickly add or invite participants to join your fitness challenge.

Once a challenge has been created, you have several options available to invite users to participate:
  • Generate a URL link to use in your own emails or newsletters which, when clicked, will allow them to join the challenge.
  • Automatically include prior challenge participants.
  • Create an individual member account and send an email with login info.
  • Create multiple member accounts from a csv file.

How To

  1. Click the Add Participants (plus) button in the Participants panel.
  2. Choose how you would like to distribute invitations to the competition. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks: Creating a link which, when clicked, will allow people to join the challenge is simplest while automatically including prior participants is quick but is not useful for your first challenge. Creating each account by hand is cumbersome and possibly impractical. Using a csv file to bulk upload participants is straightforward but requires gathering participant information up-front. Click Next when ready
  3. Depending on your choice in step 2 above:
    • If you chose to generate a link, write down the name of the link and distribute it to your potential users. Commercial Edition users also have the option to create a styled Group Page and a custom URL. If this is created and Open Enrollment selected, participants may use this page to enroll in new challenges.
    • If you chose to automatically include prior challenge participants, select the desired participants.
    • If you choose to add participants by hand, enter their First Name, Last Name and Email Address as their Member ID. If you choose not to include a password, the system will default the temporary password to the email address until they change it when they first log in. You may click the Continue to add additional participants.
    • If you chose to bulk upload members into the system, add members into a spreadsheet in the following format: First Name, Last Name, Email, Password
      Note: The Password fields are optional. If no value is entered, the default password will be the same as the email address Save the file in CSV (comma separated values) format. Browse for the saved file and then click the Upload button. Once you verify the data is correct or fix any reported problems, click Finish
      Sample upload .csv file including temporary member passwords
  4. Click Finish when ready.
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