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Everything you need for a successful fitness challenge at a fraction of the cost.

ChallengeRunner is an online employee fitness challenge platform for creating, managing and tracking your health and wellness challenges. ChallengeRunner is easy for administrators to set up and run while still being simple for users to enter data and monitor progress.
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ChallengeRunner is now available within the Slack and Microsoft Teams platforms. With Slack and Microsoft Teams, you can simplify challenge communications and enhance participation by linking into existing workspace and channels. Once linked, users can join challenges, edit activity data, view leaderboards, and receive feedback within either collaboration app. For more information on linking ChallengeRunner to Slack or Microsoft Teams, please see: Slack Integration with ChallengeRunner or Microsoft Teams Integration with ChallengeRunner Cisco Webex Integration with ChallengeRunner For detailed directions, please see: Authorize ChallengeRunner to Integrate with Slack or Authorize ChallengeRunner to Integrate with Microsoft Teams Authorize ChallengeRunner to Integrate with Cisco Webex
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Why Use ChallengeRunner

Thousands of happy customers are using ChallengeRunner around the world

Create a challenge from any criteria.

The ChallengeRunner system is extremely flexible allowing you to easily create a weight-loss competition, walking challenge, or any other type of fitness challenge you can imagine.

Designed around ease-of-use.

With a few clicks, the system administrator can have an employee fitness challenge up and running. A few more clicks will have your participants invited.

Simple data entry options.

ChallengeRunner allows participants to quickly and easily enter challenge data from our web page, smartphone apps, fitness activity trackers or via text message.

What can be done about incorrectly entered data?

In a challenge, data entry mistakes ruin the results. Statistical analysis tools immediately reveal data problems.

Teams improve participation and motivation.

Easily create and organize teams of any size which can compete with other teams or individuals.

Track challenge progress with a real-time leaderboard.

Administrators and participants view challenge progress through a simple competition report on the home page.

What Clients are Saying

ChallengeRunner is an easy-to use, intuitive program that provided us with the flexibility to run a walk/bike challenge in-house. The technical support is incredibly responsive and professional. Thank you for a great program!

Mary-Catherine Graziano

Not only is ChallengeRunner easy to use and very flexible, but the support is above and beyond. Most other systems maybe have email support or just support docs you have to search through on your own. Being able to talk to someone about my specific needs and how to get started has been the main reason I continue to use ChallengRunner for my clients.

Kevin Auwarter

We are so excited to have found Challenge Runner! It has made tracking a breeze for our company. The support has been amazing — any time I have had questions or problems, I have received help very quickly. We have done 2 challenges during the past year and I won’t use any other program. Thank you!

Tanya May

Youth Care
ChallengeRunner iPhone interface is available for free in the Apple App Store
ChallengeRunner Android interface is available for free in the Google Play Store
Fitbit data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
Garmin data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
Google Fit data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
COROS data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
Withings data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
Wahoo data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
Polar data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
Samsung Health data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
Apple Health data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
Strava data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
Suunto data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
MapMyFitness data feed is available for ChallengeRunner
Oura data feed is available for ChallengeRunner

Frequently Asked Questions

ChallengeRunner supports any type of challenge you can imagine. From the standard weight loss and walking challenges to activity-based and nutrition challenges. You can even have multiple activities in the same challenge with weighted points so that your participants who could lose a few pounds can effectively compete with marathoners. We recently incorporated image-based activities so you could give points for submitted meals, before and after pics, or anything else you can dream up!
With ChallengeRunner, participants can enter data through a standard browser, custom smartphone apps, fitness tracking devices including Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, COROS, Withings (Nokia), Wahoo, Polar, Samsung Health, and Strava or via texting data from any mobile phone. We believe that data entry should be as easy as possibly to enhance the user experience as well as reduce support calls to administrators.
The leaderboard is updated in real-time so participants always know the correct standings. Participants are ranked on a bar graph with the participant with the most points on top. If teams are being used, a leaderboard with team rankings will be shown as the main leaderboard; however, the admin has the ability enable a second "sub-leaderboard" with individual rankings.
Yes. While there are some features that are not available in the free "Community Edition" and your participants will see ads on their home page, most of the system functionality is available to everyone.
The fee-based, "Commercial Edition" of ChallengeRunner has no setup fees and you only pay for the weeks when you have an active challenge. Therefore, if you have run a challenge for 9 weeks, you only pay for the 9 weeks based on the number of participants. Afterward, your participants and administrators can still access their challenge data and statistics whenever they like without being billed. If the administrator starts up a new challenge at some future date, they will again just be billed for the challenge duration and number of participants.
Yes, ChallengeRunner has many features to simplify running team-based challenges. The administrator has the ability to create teams and assign participants to those teams or let the participants select their own teams. Optionally, the administrator may allow team leaders to create their own teams and recruit participants for them. On the leaderboard, data can be averaged to allow teams of various sizes to effectively compete with one another or with individuals. Alternately, the leaderboard may show the non-averaged, cumulative points for each team.
The ChallengeRunner system has been fully internationalized to allow for different date and numbering systems. It can also handle alternate phone systems for administrators who want to allow participants to enter data via texting.
The fee-based, "Commercial Edition" allows administrators to use their own logo as well as make color and font size changes. Clients who would like to integrate ChallengeRunner into their own webpages may also do so but it does require a small amount of work to set up. Please contact us for more details.
ChallengeRunner's use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

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