March into Spring Step Challenge- Brookhaven

submitted by: Relation Insurance

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Steps Walked Integer Daily


Step Challenge

The March into Spring Step Challenge will promote wellness by encouraging participants to walk more often during the day. Participants may use supported activity tracking devices to record the number of daily steps taken and transmit this number into the system. A participant may also enter their steps manually from a tracker. The totals of those steps are then compared against one another and a real-time leaderboard is made available.

Syncing Devices:

In order to receive data from tracking devices, each participant must first install the appropriate software and create an account on the activity tracker's website. Every participant must then authorize to capture individual data as follows:

After logging in, the participant must click the Profile link at the top of the home page and then click the Authorize link. On the tracker website shown the user must enter their ID and Password they created when they first registered the device.

Once the device is authorized, the user must ensure that they connect their device to the activity tracker's website at least once per day to sync data.


1. The March into Spring Step Challenge will run from March 11 through March 29, 2019.

2. Devices should be synced or steps entered every day; however, participants may take up to seven days after the log date to sync or enter data.


Every participant who records a minimum of 5,000 daily steps will go into a drawing for a $50 gift card.