2018 Step Challenge Part IV

submitted by: Bayer Becker

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Steps Walked Integer Daily


Great Scott!

Last night I was visited by a strange young man wearing a red life preserver. He said he was from the future and needed our help getting home. You know what this means? It means the time is here for the 4th and final stepping challenge of the year and here’s what we can do to help!


Challenge Details:

What:   Tier 1: Complete 550,000 steps over the course of 92 days (5,978 per day)

Tier 2: Complete 700,000 steps over the course of 92 days (7,609 per day)

Tier 3: Complete 1,000,000 steps over the course of 92 days (10,869 per day)

When: October 1 – December 31

How to Participate: You MUST verify your participation prior to 11:59pm on October 10st via an email to John Bayer. If my calculations are correct, when you hit over 88 miles per and (or at least 550,000 steps) you’re gonna see some serious…stuff. (and by that I mean prizes!)


I know what you’re thinking… past events… screwing up the space-time continuum… yada yada. Well luckily by the power of this here Flux Capacitor I have the ability to count you steps even before you signed up!


So don’t be a slacker McFly….