McMahon's 30 Day Hydration and Healthy Eating Challenge

submitted by: McMahon Associates

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
64 ounces of water drank per day or more Decimal Daily
Fruits and Vegetables Per day (try for min. Of 5) Decimal Daily


McMahon's 30-Day Hydration and Healthy Eating Challenge

It is time to amp up your water intake!

The 30-Day Hydration and Healthy Eating Challenge will promote wellness by encouraging participants to drink a healthy amount of water and also enjoying some fruits and vegetables each day. To receive credit, participants must log into the system each day and enter the amount of water they drank in ounces along with the number of fruits or vegtables they have eatin in a day. While it is recommended that participants log these amounts every evening, they have up to three days to log their water/fruit/veggie intake.

This challenge will run for 30-Days. At the conclusion of this period, any participant that logged for all 30 days recording at least 100 points will recive a McMahon water cup!

Please only record ounces drank of plain water. No soda, sparkling water, coffee or juice.