Step into Spring 2017 challenge

submitted by: Providence TriFit

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Week 1 - Health Goal 7000 Steps Daily/49000 Steps Per Week (March 13 - March 19) Integer Daily
Week 2 - Health Goal 8000 Steps Daily/56000 Steps per Week (March 20 - March 26) Integer Daily
Week 3 - Health Goal 9000 Steps Daily/63000 Steps per Week (March 27- April 2) Integer Daily
Week 4 - Health Goal 10,000 Steps Daily/70,000 Steps per Week (April 3 - April 9) Integer Daily



Step into Spring 2017 Challenge-

The Challenge is open to All Providence Hospital Associates that would like to increase their activity  to 10,000 steps/day. The challenge will run Monday, March 13 through Monday April 10.  Last day to register for this challenge wil be March 15, 2017.

Participants who reach the following weekly Health Goals will be awarded with one entry, each week, into a drawing... so anyone can win!

Week One: 7000 Steps Daily/49000 per Week

Week Two: 8000 Steps Daily/56000 per Week

Week Three: 9000 Steps Daily/63000 per Week

Week Four : 10000 Steps Daily/70000 per Week

Requirement: You will need a pedometor or a walking app to know how many steps you walked.

1. Enter steps manually in the "Steps Walked" Field at the end of each day. (You can also record steps for any previous days by changing the "Log Date" , and you may enter data up to 3 days late, until the end of the challenge on Monday April 10, all data needs to be entered by midnight April 10.

Good Luck!