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Field LabelField TypeData EntryFrequency


Point System

Once you reach a certain level, you will be entered to win one of the prizes at the end of the challenge (total number of prizes will be based on number of participants).


Weekly Fitness:

5 points: Every 60 minutes of exercise logged (running, biking, swimming, walking etc.)

5 Points: Every 10,000 steps logged


Fitness Event: the below events include the course of the challenge only (January 28th - March 11th)

15 points: Participating in a BAF planned fitness outing (attendance taken)


Upcoming Events to earn points: Sign up early to secure your spot by emailing Stephanie Smith - first come, first served basis!

  • Yoga after Work: March 6th 5:30pm in Income Tax
  • Burn Boot Camp: February 2nd at 10am


15 Points: In Person 5K race or walk, 10K race or walk, and race or walk greater than a 10K  (Virtual races NOT included)


If you participate in one of the above races, proof of race (upload photo of race bib) will need to be provided on our online system to receive points.



5 points: Decreasing your BP or maintain a healthy BP throughout the challenge (can be earned at first and last check in with NP)


*These points can be earned weekly through logging your activities on Challenge Runner - up to 5 days late for the previous week, for categories that trackers are unable to automatically sync, such as a race bib photo.