SPRING into Action Loser Challenge

submitted by: City of Lake Elsinore

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Leaderboard Shows % of Weight Lost (Enter your current weight each week) Decimal Weekly


Are you ready to get FIT this SPRING!? You will have roughly 2 months to lose as many pounds as you can.


  • Start Date:         March 7th
  • End Date:           May 2nd
  • Buy in:               $20 (Bring your cash to weigh in)
  • Weigh in:            Mondays, either in HR or at the Yard


    • Gentleman’s First Place:         Wins 75% of the Gentleman’s Buy-in Pot
    • Gentleman’s Second Place:     Wins 25% of the Gentleman’s Buy-in Pot
    • Ladies First Place:                  Wins 75% of the Ladies Buy-in Pot
    • Ladies Second Place:             Wins 25% of the Ladies Buy-in Pot
  • Based on PERCENTAGE of your own body weight lost!

Record Pounds:                               HR/Yard clip board

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