Biggest Loser Challenge

submitted by: Axium Healthcare Pharmacy

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Weight Lost in Pounds Decimal Weekly


Welcome to the Biggest Loser Challenge!

The Biggest Loser Challenge will promote wellness by encouraging participants to lose unhealthy or unwanted body fat. The participants are required to record their beginning and end weight using the scale provided by Axium. However, they are encouraged to record their weight each week to be added to the leader board (will not show actual pounds).

This challenge is a group challenge of 5 people, it must be a team of all women or all men. The teams will encourage and hold the others accountable. In addition a Health Champion will be assigned to your team to provide motivation and guidance.

This challenge will begin 9/6/16 and end 10/4/16. The team who loses the most pounds will each recieve a $25 Gift Card and a team trophy. The individual who loses the most pounds out of the entire challenge will recieve a $50 Gift Card.